Connect to PLC

  • The irBoard can communicate with PLCs manufactured by the following companies.
    • Mitsubishi Electric : MC Protocol
    • Keyence Corporation : Host Link Communication
    • Omron Corporation : FINS/TCP
    • Yokogawa Electric Corporation : Higher-level Link Service
  • In addition to these, it can also be connected to devices that can communicate via Modbus/TCP.

Connect to IoT devices

With the latest update, irBoard is capable of connecting to both IoT devices and PLCs.
  • The ESP32 device can be communicated with by irBoard through the use of the "irBoard Library for ESP32".
  • LadderDrive is a virtual Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that can run on Raspberry Pi and other devices. irBoard can also communicate with a device that is running LadderDrive.

Connect to Windows applications

  • If you aim to create a system that enables collaboration between Windows applications and tablets, you would usually have to build a program specifically for the tablet side. However, using irBoard eliminates the need for such development, which can help reduce overall development costs.
  • The irBoard.NET library is available as open source. With irBoard.NET, connecting to .NET applications is easy.
  • It will be possible to port to other languages and environments using irBoard.NET as a reference.


The irBoard is compatible with Mac that have Apple Silicon.
Mac is an excellent tool for designing pages.


Edition After ver2.0 Before ver1.8.1 Japanese price.
Please check the price in your country.
Available on the App Store.


irBoard Lite
This version has limited functions available.
  • Free
  • In-App Purchase:
    • Import function 1,200JPY
    • Communication Restriction Cancellation
      • IoT 9,980JPY
      • Modbus/TCP 19,980JPY
      • for each PLC 33,400JPY

irBoard Player
× We regret to inform you that the irBoard Player will no longer be available. We kindly suggest that you switch to using irBoard Player for Device instead. Delivery has been suspended.
These products are exclusively available through Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager.

irBoard Enterprise
This is an update for previous users.
New users should use irBoard.

irBoard Player for Device
The editing function is not available. Just execute a project.
Create a project using irBoard or irBoard Enterprise Ver. 2.0.3 or higher, then transfer the project data and execute the project. If you have purchased an unlock item for communication restrictions with irBoard Lite, you can also transfer the project data of the manufacturer you have unlocked.
It is necessary to purchase for every device.
For every device. 12,000JPY

Here are the differences between version 1.8.1 and 2.0.

The irBoard 2.0 has undergone a complete rebuild from scratch, resulting in some differences in its specifications.
ver 2.0 or later ver 1.8.1 or earlier
Toggles between showing and hiding an item. ×
Toggle button for enabling or disabling. ×
Specify slider range by device value. ×
Specify a font ×
Support for multilingualization. ×
The layout for the portrait orientation of the screen. ver 2.1 or later
Webページ ver 2.1 or later
Reading codes with camera ver 2.1 or later
There are restrictions on the designated usage area. × Undecided
Import/export a project as CSV file × No plan to support
Ambient × Undecided
ia-cloud × No plan to support

How to unlock restrictions in the Lite edition?

From version 2.0 or later, you can unlock device restrictions by purchasing unlock items for each PLC manufacturer or using tickets.
When you use a ticket, the restriction is lifted for 4 hours. A total of six tickets are distributed each month, and the number of used tickets resets at the beginning of the month.
ver 2.0 or later ver 1.8.1 or earlier
Restriction for importing a project.
  • Unlock the restriction for four hours by using a ticket.
  • To purchase the in-app item.
  • To purchase the in-app item.
Restriction for a launch page. Only the launch page is accessible.
There are limitations with LadderDrive.
  • Unlock the restriction for four hours by using a ticket.
  • To purchase the in-app item.
Only the first page is accessible.
There are no limitations with LadderDrive.